Dina Veloric is a New York City based artist and recent graduate of the Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan.  Her passions lie in telling stories through a lens, design, fashion, music, branding, and immersive experiences. She uses her work to expose other people’s realities - to create a better understanding of people internally and intimately by breaking down presumptions. She creates multimedia projects that represent the engrossing scenes in which she lives - from documentaries to 70 page art books to installations.  In most of her work she turns the camera to capture moment to moment actions in order to accurately represent her culture in real time. Most of her projects have involved shooting subjects (individuals).  She knows how to gain trust with her subjects which has granted her access to follow and document them over long spans of time.  This trust has allowed her to capture their intimate and personal moments in order to tell their story.


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, B.F.A.,
Stamps School of Art and Design, May 2017



"Consciously, Unconscious," photography
"Art Student Pop Up", Next to Nothing Gallery, New York, NY, Summer 2018

"Consciously, Unconscious," photography, book
"Future Former: An Exhibition of Alumni Work," University of Michigan, Winter 2018

"Consciously, Unconscious," photography, book, film
"Substance abuse and addiction," University of Rochester, Fall 2017

"Consciously, Unconscious," multimedia installation,
"Stamps Senior Thesis Show" Stamps Gallery, April 2017

"Day in the Life of Dylan Bosch," photo essay documentary,
"Undergraduate Juried Exhibition", Stamps Gallery, February 2017


"Day in the Life of Dylan Bosch"